12 cool garden ideas that'll transform your yard

Whether you were born with a "green thumb" or you're a novice gardener, we've got some projects you're going to love! These super unique ideas will transform your garden from average to jaw-dropping.
So get in a creative state of mind while we go over some ways you can turn your garden into the backyard of your dreams. Your neighbors will be jealous of your garden for a change!
1. Make a unique raised bed
This spiral garden bed proves that raised gardens don't need to be rectangular. Get creative and give your garden some personality with a unique raised bed!
2. Repurpose old furniture
Add a pop of color and a whole lot of interest by repurposing an old desk or drawers into fun planters!
3. Add a special touch to your fence
If you're happy with your garden, but want to give your outdoor space a little something special, this simple project from Gardenrama might be just perfect! Simply add glass marbles to your fence to bring a little color into your yard. They look magical when the light hits them!
4. Wagon wheel planter
We're obsessed with this wagon wheel planter, and think succulents make an excellent choice to be planted between the spokes. Now the only question is: where can we get our hands on an old wagon wheel?
5. River rock garden markers
This idea from West Valley Moms Blog is a genius way to label the veggies (or flowers!) in your garden. Plus, it would make a fun project for your kiddos!
6. Make an interesting wooden path
This path, made from tree stumps, is a perfect way to add a unique touch to any garden. And it's practical too!
7. Use plastic bottles to create a flower shaped garden
For the ultimate recycling project, gather your old plastic bottles and create a unique shaped garden. We love the idea of making a flower, so that each petal has something different planted within the "bottle border". ​
8. DIY trellisFor those plants that need a little extra support as they grow toward the sun, make a trellis out of twigs and twine for a simple yet beautiful addition to your garden.
9. Pallet herb garden
This free standing pallet herb garden is a perfect way to keep your basil, mint and rosemary all in one compact space. Head to DIY Showoff for the full tutorial.​
10. Hanging gutter garden
Don't have a big yard for a garden? Making use of vertical space will allow you to grow a variety of flowers or herbs with basically no footprint. This idea uses gutters, but you could alter the project and use materials you have on hand.
11. Monogram planter
This DIY monogram planter from Simply Designing is an epic way to personalize your garden.
12. Colander hanging basket
Brightly colored colanders make the cutest hanging baskets we've ever seen! It's a great way to "upcycle" any colanders you have lying around. Plus, they already have drainage holes. Why didn't we think of this before?!
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