Don't toss out cinder blocks. Here are 14 ways to re-use them

Cinder blocks are cheap and easy to get your hands on. You can find them at hardware stores or construction sites. It's likely there will be some laying around your home as well.
Cinder blocks are great materials for many projects, so instead of throwing them away, check out these easy DIY tutorials to turn them into awesome objects. Some projects we've discovered are planters, outdoor benches, bed frames and lots more. We're certain you'll find the right project just for you.
1. Make a vertical planter
What a unique idea for your garden! This vertical planter is made entirely out of cinder blocks. Add whatever plants or flowers you wish and enjoy this artistic design. Get the full tutorial at The Garden Glove.
2. Reuse as a firewood rack
Within a couple of minutes, you can create this firewood rack out of two cinder blocks. How easy! This is perfect for storing firewood for chilly weather.
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3. Repurpose as a bed
Instead of opting for the traditional bed frame, reuse cinder blocks to uplift your mattress instead. Recreate this innovative bedroom design.
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4. Make an outdoor bench
Cinder blocks work well as a bench frame because of their size, durability and pre-cut holes suitable for adding seating beams. The earth-toned hues of cinder blocks allow the bench to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings. Customize with your favorite pillows. Pro Tip: Add color to this DIY by either painting the wood beams or using bright-colored pillows. Get the full tutorial here.
5. Make a firepit
If you ever wanted your own firepit, this is the project for you. Reuse cinder blocks to create this easy and affordable firepit. Find more inspiration here.
6. Make a centerpiece

These cinder block centerpieces are perfect for your home and even as wedding table pieces. Create this look with your favorite flowers.
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7. Make a lamp
Create a unique and stylish aesthetic contrast by adding decorative stenciling to a cinder block for a final product that illuminates and adds a beautiful touch to any room in the home. Quick-setting repair mortar makes for a stable light bulb base that creates a functional and fashionable DIY project. Find the detailed and easy-to-follow tutorial here.
8. Reuse as an outdoor bench
What a clever way to reuse cinder blocks! This outdoor bench would make a fantastic addition to your garden. Get the full tutorial at SuzelleDIY.
9. Make a shelf
Amp up your storage space by creating a shelf out of cinder blocks. The compartments are ideal for storing little knickknacks. Plus, it is a cute look. Get the full tutorial here.
10. Reuse as a concrete vase
Transform your boring cinder block into this fancy concrete vase. It's is a clever idea for showing off both indoor and outdoor plants. They'd look lovely on your coffee table or bedside table. Check out the full tutorial here to create this look.
11. Desk organizer
Creating a cinder block desk organizer is a simple way to combine rustic appeal with a feminine touch. Adding a decorative paint stencil to the more neutral concrete hue quickly creates a unique contrast that stands out in any room. Get the full tutorial here.
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12. Build cinder block steps
If you have lots of cinder blocks lying around waiting to be used, you can easily turn them into outdoor steps for under $100. Get the full tutorial from Craig Searer's video here.
13. Make wall planters
What a genius idea to showcase your succulents! These concrete wall planters are perfect to place around your porch or garden. These planters also work well in a patio space or balcony.
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14. Repurpose as a wine rack
Take your interior design to a whole new level with this wine rack made of cinder blocks. This decor piece can be placed indoors or on a patio. Now your wine glasses and wines have a permanent, chic home.
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