Transform a pile of rocks into a beautiful, functional DIY garden space

There are many reasons people are turning to small gardens. They're easier to tend to, and you can keep them closer to your home, so you're able to feast your eyes on their growth more often. You'll also be able to take care of those pesky weeds easier in a smaller area.
Whether you have a yard that doesn't have the best soil, or you have a much smaller area to work with, or even if you just want to maximize every inch of your garden, there are some fantastic ways to save space. You can get the most out of your garden if you plan it out and work to make a small area yield big results.
1. Stack stones in a spiral for a gorgeous DIY small garden
This spiral garden utilizes a very small place in a unique way in this tutorial from Oh My Creative. Previously, the owner had some zucchini plants that were taking over the small area, so this spiral solution helps keep plants separated and organized.
It's also lovely to look at, and the plants have their own space to gather nutrients and grow in the sun.
2. An unexpected space becomes a great small garden
Your small garden doesn't even have to be in your actual yard, like this idea from Attainable Sustainable. The concrete driveway was the area that got the most sun, so that's where they imported some soil and created raised beds. They also used Smart Pots and planters made from stacked banana stumps. You can also use logs to get the same effect and create a garden where one didn't even exist before.
3. Gutter garden solution to the ever-changing Alaskan weather
Juneau Empire shows us how to work with the climate near a glacier, where the soil doesn't have very much organic matter. You don't have to live in Alaska to take advantage of this great idea, though. There are plenty of yards that won't grow plants very well, so using rain gutters attached to the siding like this is a fantastic idea.
4. Strategically plant raised beds to maximize space in small areas
This idea from Mark's Veg Plot makes the most of the small growing space available in their yard. These raised beds are planted strategically to allow for the plants to grow closely together, so there's an abundance of plants growing in just a small space.
5. Pizza-shaped garden for a small slice of outdoor perfection
One style of small gardening is to make a pizza-shaped garden, like this one from HGTV. You can divide up the plants you choose for your garden by using simple pieces of wood to keep them separated. This round shape will allow you to plant more in one small area than you would usually be able to fit.
Which small garden are you most excited to plant? Tell us in the comments and don't forget to SHARE the inspiration with your fellow gardeners. Enjoy!

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