Zip-tie 2 old pallets together to create a super beneficial fixture for your garden

If you're not already composting, now's the time to start. You just can't beat the benefits to your garden, not to mention the benefits to the planet. Composting is nature's way of breaking down materials...and you can use the nutrient-rich soil that comes from composting to fertilize your organic garden.
Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to get started. Or, if you already have a significant compost pile going, this list will help you contain, organize and aerate it easier. Compost will add nutrients to your garden and reduce your carbon footprint. So, bye-bye, pesticides and dangerous chemicals, hello composting.
1. Look, ma! No nails! Create compost bin from pallets with zip ties
DIY Ready takes us through the steps of creating this pallet compost bin. You don't even need nails for this awesome project. You just need to string a bunch of zip ties together, and you have a protected pile of compost.
This will keep the critters from getting into your table scraps and old leaves you'll need to put in here to get the process started.
2. DIY chicken wire and wood compost bin
Practically Functional gives free plans to make this compost crate. The hinge design makes it easy to get to the bottom of the pile to flip the compost. You'll be able to keep table scraps out of the landfill where they contribute to dangerous gasses, and you'll also be able to keep it all contained in this attractive bin in a corner of your yard. Your garden will thank you!
3. One man's trash can is another man's compost bin
This trash bin from The Happy Housewife is just about the easiest compost bin ever. All you need to do is drill some holes up and down the sides of the trash can to get some air to the compost while it breaks down. Her method of flipping the compost is especially efficient, so be sure to check it out and get started on your very own.
4. Another way to flip around the trash compost bin
Instructables runs down the plans for creating this ingenious garbage can composter. Once you mount the trash can on the holder, flipping it is easy and simple. The results will be nutrient-rich compost you'll be able to add to the soil in your garden for a lush, healthy garden that is sure to yield even more fruits and vegetables.
5. Sturdy concrete compost bin
Sturdy compost bins like this one from Blue Planet Green Living would typically cost hundreds of dollars. But, this one is much less expensive, and it's racoon-proof, which is pretty important if you live in an area where creatures can get to your compost. It's also easy to dismantle and re-purpose if you ever want to, even though it's made of concrete
Which one of these ideas are you most excited to get started on? Please tell us in the comments and don't forget to SHARE. The more sustainable gardens out there and the less garbage we toss in the landfill, the better it is for everyone. Happy composting

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