8 ideas to recycle your old things into stunning hanging planters

Is your lawn or garden missing that special little something? Most of us have a few things laying around the house that have served their purpose, but now just seems to take up space. What if we told you that you can transform your old things into unique hanging planters for your garden? 
The solutions here will not only rid your house of clutter, but will incorporate unique touches to your special outdoor space. Read on for the ideas! 
Rain boot planter 
Blogger Rosina Huber offers this idea for what to do with outgrown rain boots. Not only can this be a precious way to remember your children as they grow up, but your plants will be protected from slugs and other ground insects. Different styles and colors will make this planter stand out. 
Tire Planter 
Don't you dare throw out that old tire! Use it for a planter instead. Pink Hammers and Sippy Cups indicates that all you need is an old tire, a sharp knife and some strong rope. You can get creative with the paint color and overflow the planter with bright blooms to really make it stand out. Don't want to bother with the rope? No problem. Simply leave the planter on the ground and it looks just as great!. 
Tire Swing Planter
This is another option for an old tire, but you don't have to do any cutting. DIY Show Off offers a step-by-step guide to get you started. You can really punch up the color and add other decor like the garden gnome pictured here. You can hang it in a favorite tree or even attach it to the side of a fence or porch. 
Birdcage Planter 
Birdcages are a charming addition to your garden space. Add any vegetation that you want, but you may want to close the door to the cage as you might attract a real bird! Empress of Dirt suggests finding planters that fit inside the cage rather than trying to plant directly in it. If you don't have an old cage laying around, check out thrift stores or yard sales for a cheap find. 
Old Container Planter 
Have a few old containers that you don't use? While you see here that all of the containers are uniform, you can use virtually container you may have. Avoid using plastic or other material that will break down easily over time. 
Coffee can planter 
We Follow Pics showcases another solution for containers. This idea focuses on hanging up coffee cans, however; for smaller planters you can even use vegetable cans. Paint the cans a fun color and enjoy! 
Wine bottle planters 
If you have a few extra wine bottles, this can be a unique way to display them. The planters are unique because the plants actually grow out from the bottom. You should choose plants that vine simply because of how they will have to grow out of this planter. 
Upside down wine planter
Prefer a traditional way to plant your flowers? This option for used wine bottles may prove easier  simply because the plants grow up rather than down. Secure the bottles to a fence or side of a building and enjoy the view. You can keep the original labels on the bottle or paint the glass a color of your choice. 
Teapot wind chime 
A charming teapot wind chime may be just what your garden needs. The Whoot offers complete instructions about how to make this cute planter. Have fun with choosing a teapot that represents your style--anything from modern to classic. You can even opt to hang small teacups rather than silverware. 
Colander Planter
Old food strainers prove to be the perfect size and shape for planters. Don't worry if it's dingy or food-stained. Simply spray paint and choose the perfect blooms. Attach to your porch or tree with sturdy chains. 
Before throwing something out consider whether or not it has a place in your garden! Like what you see here? Share with your friends! 

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