How to make a DIY fairy garden out of a clay pot

Crafters are finding magical ways to make use of broken flower pots by turning them into whimsical fairy gardens! A pot with an broken side appears to reveal a wonderful world normally hidden to the human eye, where fairies and sprites make their home.
No two gardens are alike, so each is a reflection of its creator's personality. Use whatever you have on hand, or purchase a fairy kit to build an enchanted garden of miniature mythical proportions. Some gardens are full of flowers while others sport succulents or herbs; some have ponds while others expose a secret wishing well.
One feature that is common to many fairy gardens are "steps" created by broken bits of pot and layered within the soil. Katie Smith of Punk Projects shows exactly how it's done. 
Ruth from This Lemonade Life gets a lot of vertical visuals into her fairy garden! Sticks and embroidery thread created the ladder into fairyland, and other natural materials are used throughout.
The entrance to this fairy garden is a simple wooden door glued to the pot, with brads pushed into the dirt as stepping stones. The instructions from TamarasSoliloquy include details for making the tiny wooden steps.
Krystel Sheehan's fairies have a wishing well garden, strewn with magical pink rocks and protected by a pink fence.
The fairies are still at home in this stunning piece from The WHOot, sitting outside their front door and waiting to welcome visitors.
If you want to keep the pot intact, you can still create a fairy home by doing what Vanessa from Crafts Unleashed did -- decorating the pot itself! She used a set of miniature fairy house accessories and glued them onto the pot so she could still use it as a full-sized planter.
What mysterious marvels are hiding in your broken flower pot? Share this article and post your fairy photos in the comments below!

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