How to make a DIY spilled flower pot

Oopsy, daisy! Cascading flowers have long been a beautiful garden design element, but a "spilled pot" has such an extra touch of whimsy that it is more than just a focal point, it's a fantastic conversation-starter! Smart gardeners use spilled pots to hide something they don't want to be seen -- e.g., a sprinkler head or bald patch -- by placing the pot either in front of or on top of whatever they're hiding. They also use this technique to brighten a boring or neglected area.
To create a spilled pot, arrange your container and anchor it into place with dirt, adding more dirt if needed. It's best to use a large, round container for the greatest visual impact. Then plant flowers appropriate to the sun and soil conditions, in a pattern that suggests the flowers just spilled out of a dropped pot. You can use potting soil and mulch to help create defined lines, or literally "spill" the seeds in a cascade and let them take root where they will.
Creating a spilled flower pot is great way to make continued use of a beloved decorative urn or large wooden tub that has broken.
Spilled pots are excellent ways to create a point of interest in an open space...
...or to bring light and color to a drab or unused area.
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