How to make a DIY mosaic cinder block planter

If you're like Michelle of the blog Delicate Construction, and have a load of cinder blocks in your backyard that you have no idea what to do with, here's a solution for you: why not make a gorgeous mosaic planter? One thing is for certain: this DIY project proves that cinder blocks aren't just an industrial building supply and can actually look really pretty!
According to her blog Delicate Construction, Michelle describes herself as a "Jill of all trades." She's not afraid to get her hands dirty with materials like cement, caulk, and cinder blocks, as shown by her mosaic planter. Her ability to wield a chainsaw with as much finesse as she does a sewing needle is inspiration for all DIY ladies out there.
To make your own cinder block mosaic planter, you need cinder blocks, liquid nails, grout, and broken tile pieces.
The project is simple and creative.  Simply place the tiles where you want them on the cinder blocks, and then use liquid nails to secure them in place. After applying the grout and letting dry, you have totally transformed cinder blocks!
Looking for detailed DIY instructions? Check Michelle's blog for the full run-down!
Love your cinder block mosaic planter but need another way to utilize the many cinder blocks left in your backyard? Why not build a cinder block fire pit or raised garden bed? You can also play with the planter idea and make ones that have a strong urban look, simply by painting the cinder blocks black. If your garden lacks seating, use cinder blocks to make benches that double as planters or display shelves for all your garden knickknacks.
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